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Google G Suite in 3 steps


Get a domain name

GoDaddy, Google's biggest official partner, guarrantees you top-level services and support in your language as well as the best price for most domain name extensions (including new gTLDs).

Note: You need at least one domain name before starting using Google G Suite as these business cloud apps will be set up on top of it.

Sign up for Google G Suite

Unleashing the power of G Suite apps is the best you can wish for your domain and company! Starting from $5/month, enjoy the simplicity, reliability and effectiveness of Google solutions for you and your colleagues.

Start G Suite Trial

Your business definitely needs professional email addresses like 'name@mycompany.com' and G Suite is all about it.

G Suite Basic offers: Gmail, Google Drive & Docs, Calendar, Groups, Calendar, Hangouts, Google+ and much more, all based on your own domain name. Better than '@gmail.com', isn't it?

Set up you DNS zone

You're almost there! I invite you to login to your domain host and join your domain's DNS zone.

These one-time steps are super important before using G Suite.