Free Email and Network troubleshooting tools

Email Checker

Verify if an email address is valid with 95%+ accuracy
Verify email addresses the easy way with this fast, reliable, clean online SMTP tester. Check the status of a remote e-mail address without sending any message and debug it right away!

DNS Lookup

Free tool to dig all your domain records
DNS Lookup with one-click, synthetic, online DNS analysis tool (Dig). Clear view over each types of DNS records of a specific Hostname/IP.


6 IP packets to poll any online IP or domain
Ping any IP or domain with this responsive, fast, remote ping tool. Mesure the time an IP packet needs to reach the target hostname or IP and come back.


Find domain registration information over 938 TLD extensions
Got a new site idea? Need to contact an admin? This WHOIS lookup tool checks for you if a domain name is available or search for its registration details.

Visual Traceroute

Track and map the full path of an IP packet
Visualize in Google Maps the complete route of an IP packet to any host. Quick, remote visual traceroute online tool that helps you track down any delay in your network.


Discover your IP address, its country, city and coordinates
What's my IP address and its location? Can we find me? What can we know about my Internet identity? Get a full report about your Internet connexion and find yourself in Google Maps.

IP Location

Locate any IP or website in Google Maps
In which city is this IP located? Where is this website keeping my data? This IP locator will tell you everything about any IP address or domain's location, powered by Google Maps.
Locate IP

Speed Test

Measure your Internet download & upload connection
Test your Internet download and upload bandwidth via a network of more than 100 servers around the World. Reliable results up to 500Mbps! HTML5. No Flash needed.
Speed Test

Google G Suite in 3 steps


Get a domain name

GoDaddy, Google's biggest official partner, guarrantees you top-level services and support in your language as well as the best price for most domain name extensions (including new gTLDs).

Note: You need at least one domain name before starting using Google G Suite as these business cloud apps will be set up on top of it.

Sign up for Google G Suite

Unleashing the power of G Suite apps is the best you can wish for your domain and company! Starting from $6/month, enjoy the simplicity, reliability and effectiveness of Google solutions for you and your colleagues.

Start G Suite Trial

Your business definitely needs professional email addresses like '' and G Suite is all about it.

G Suite Basic offers: Gmail, Google Drive & Docs, Calendar, Groups, Calendar, Hangouts and much more, all based on your own domain name. Better than '', isn't it?

Set up you DNS zone

You're almost there! I invite you to login to your domain host and join your domain's DNS zone.

These one-time steps are super important before using G Suite.