Free Email and Website troubleshooting tools

Email Checker

Verify if an email address is valid with 95%+ accuracy
Verify email addresses the easy way with this fast, reliable, clean online SMTP tester. Check the status of a remote e-mail address without sending any message and debug it right away!

SEO Audit

Get free SEO report on 70+ ranking factors
Easily optimize the SEO of your web pages and get free long-term organic traffic from top search engines. This free On Page SEO Checker tool is guaranteed to boost your position for thousands of keywords in no time.
SEO Audit

Page Speed

Web page performance analysis and optimization
Page Speed is a Web performance analysis tool that helps you understand how fast a page loads and provides expert guidance on how to optimize it. Delight your users, boost SEO, rank better and get tons of high-quality free traffic.
Page Speed

DNS Lookup

Free tool to dig all your domain records
DNS Lookup with one-click, synthetic, online DNS analysis tool (Dig). Clear view over each types of DNS records of a specific Hostname/IP.


Find domain registration information over 938 TLD extensions
Got a new site idea? Need to contact an admin? This WHOIS lookup tool checks for you if a domain name is available or search for its registration details.

SSL Checker

Analyze the SSL/TLS certificate of any domain
Get holistic diagnostic information over the SSL certificate returned by any public endpoint, including its expiration date, issuer and signature algorithm.
SSL Checker


6 IP packets to poll any online IP or domain
Ping any IP or domain with this responsive, fast, remote ping tool. Mesure the time an IP packet needs to reach the target hostname or IP and come back.

Visual Traceroute

Track and map the full path of an IP packet
Visualize in Google Maps the complete route of an IP packet to any host. Quick, remote visual traceroute online tool that helps you track down any delay in your network.


Discover your IP address, its country, city and coordinates
What's my IP address and its location? Can we find me? What can we know about my Internet identity? Get a full report about your Internet connexion and find yourself in Google Maps.

IP Location

Locate any IP or website in Google Maps
In which city is this IP located? Where is this website keeping my data? This IP locator will tell you everything about any IP address or domain's location, powered by Google Maps.
Locate IP

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