What can we know about you?

Did you know that anyone can locate your ISP-assigned public IP address with a 5km-radius accuracy? We can also discover much more about your Internet connection. By the moment you browse this page, we determined your device's public IP address and performed a geolocation lookup over your connection. You can compare this data to what you expect from your connection, especially if you're using any Proxy or VPN solution.


My IP results

In addition to the precise Google Maps geo positioning powered by MaxMind technology, a table synthesises the geo-data gathered for your IP address.

This tool provides you a precision down to 5km on the GPS coordinates (latitude, longitude) and administrative location (continent, country, region, postal code, city) of that IP.

We complete this report with other useful data about your hostname and timezone (date and time).

This IP Locator gives you the advantage of knowing much more about other party can find about you on the Web.


  • You can generate a Login Audit report from your Google G Suite Admin Console and compare the IP address usually connecting to your account. You can also create a automated alert that will be directly sent to your Admin inbox whenever Google detects a suspicious IP connecting to one of your users' account.

  • Get the same type of information for any IP or domain name by using the IP Location tool and expand your research to other devices.